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Colby Watton, aka the MAN CHILD

I can confidently say I have never coached a player that works harder than Colby Watton. His tenacity and passion for the game of basketball is unmatched. Colby started training here in the summer of 2015 and has since improved in all aspects of the game. His work ethic along with his drive, competitiveness and dedication are what push him to the next level. Colby embodies the motto “ball is life”; I bet you don’t know any other Grade 10 student currently spending 62 hours a week in the gym either working on his basketball skills or his strength. Yet somehow, he still manages to be a great student and an amazing artist (check out the mural he did for us next time you are in the lab). He is truly one of a kind.

The sky is the limit for Colby, just taking a look at his personal improvements show that without a doubt. We are so happy to be a part of his basketball journey and can’t wait to see where his hard work takes him next.


Personal Improvements

Max bench press: Started at 100 lbs and is currently benching 240 lbs

Vertical: Initial vertical was about 20 inches and now Colby jumps 30.6 inches

Single Arm Row: Started rowing 30 lbs, now rows 100 pounds (100 lbs dumbbell is the highest one we own, Colby has improved so much we are going to have to start new equipment just to keep up with his gains)

23 Yard Dash: Colby held the record at the lab for the 23 yrd dash of 4.28 seconds for 4 months (he would like you to know that was after leg day)

Yes we know what you are thinking, he CAN do it all.


Why do you like to train at the lab?

“I’m so passionate about basketball and I notice that I improve the most here.” – Colby

What is your favourite thing to work on at Coach Bijan Conditioning?

“On the basketball court I like to work on my ball handling the most. On the strength side it’s a toss up between leg day and bench press.” – Colby

How would you describe your body transformation?

“Hahaha I was thinner when I started to workout here to say the least, I have noticed a big improvement in my strength and size” -Colby

colby_lay-up                        img_8291

That’s an understatement, we don’t call him the MAN CHILD for nothing 😉

What has translated from the strength side to the court for you?

“My foot speed, I’m definitely a lot quicker from working on my strength. It makes it so much easier to drive to the basket.” -Colby


-Coach Ariella 🙂

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