Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Written by coachbijan

While many students were off vacationing and enjoying the sun, Isaac could be found in the lab 6 image2days a week for up to 3 hours a day. Isaac started training here in the summer between grade 7 and 8, in preparation for the mental and physical game change from elementary to high school. After working with Isaac on both his basketball and strength and conditioning skills it’s impossible not to see his improvement. Most of this improvement can be directly accredited to his tenacity, work ethic and attitude. Isaac walked into the lab everyday with a huge smile on his face and a hunger in his heart to become the best version of himself. Isaac’s character and dedication to the game and self-improvement made him an absolute pleasure to coach. We can’t wait to see what he will do next!


Personal Improvements 

Vertical: + 8inches

Bench: Started with 5 lbs dumbbells, currently benching 105 lbs

Speed: In the 23 yd dash: 6 sec down to 4.4 seconds


Why do you like to train at the lab? “I like to get stronger, I like the coaches and the competition I come to everyday and most of all I like the basketball program here.” -Isaac Manji

How is the lab different from other places you train? “The dynamic is different, it’s more than just running through drills, here I get to work on weight training as well as my on court skills. There is a major focus on personal development, but I also get the chance to go up against new and different opponents than my usual school peers.”-Isaac Manji

What is your favourite thing to work on at Coach Bijan Conditioning? “I like to work on my strength program on the weight room side, I can feel myself getting stronger and it translating to my game on the court” -Isaac Manji


– Coach Ariella 🙂

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